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I'm a wavemaker and I'm swimming to raise money for ALS!

Dear network

Our friend Daniel is suffering ALS and we can experience what a terrible disease this is.

Daniël is/was a real sportsman, a hard and serious worker, surrounded by great friends and loving life to its fullest by celebrating it 120% every day. I feel grateful that I have experienced some amazing cultural fun trips with him.

Last year everything suddenly changed when Daniel was diagnosed with ALS, a muscle disease that only deteriorates and for which there are no medicines. It is currently deteriorating much faster than what we all feared.

Due to Corona, the city swim in Amsterdam is unfortunately cancelled. However with Team Daniel we therefore organized an alternative swim on Sunday 29 August.

You would be doing Daniel, our entire team and of course all ALS patients a huge favor if you would like to donate. All the money goes directly to the ALS foundation to do more research into this horrible disease that has gripped our friend. With a smile and a tear, we swim for our friend Daan.

Thank you very much in advance for your contribution, XXX

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