Visiting the Amsterdam City Swim

Do you want to come and cheer on Sunday, September 8, and enjoy the Amsterdam City Swim? Then come as a visitor to our event.

The Amsterdam City Swim is divided into five areas:

  1. The start at Keizersgracht - near number 663 - for the 2.1 km Swim - or at the Maritime Museum for the 700-meter Swim
  2. The swimming route through the city (see the route page)
  3. The finish in the outdoor pool of the Marine Terrain (near Pension Homeland)
  4. The specially set up ACS Festival site: this site is a new area we are using this year to provide more space for swimmers, visitors, and patients. To gain access to the site, you need a visitor ticket. Here, the Cheque Ceremony takes place, the afterparty, and there is daytime catering (sales), entertainment, and activities.
  5. ACS Swimmers AREA, accessible only for swimmers: departure buses, swimmer registration, swimmer changing, etc.

The start (1) and swimming route (2) are accessible to everyone, without an access ticket. The finish area (3) is freely accessible, but in case of high attendance, the area may be closed off (and then only accessible to people with an ACS ticket). The ACS Festival site (4) is accessible with an ACS Visitor ticket (these will go on sale later, keep an eye on our website and social media channels). The ACS Swimmers AREA is only accessible to swimmers and patients and their guests.

So, you can encourage swimmers, friends, and family at various times.

Good to know: transport from the site to the start All swimmers gather at the ACS Swimmers AREA. Participants of the Junior Swim and Short Swim can walk to the start at the Maritime Museum themselves, participants of the Classic Swim will be brought to the start at Keizersgracht (near number 663) by buses. These buses are only for swimmers, so as a visitor, you can make your way to the start using public transport or by walking. Afterward, you can walk with the swimmers and re-enter the site.

People with ALS, PLS, PSMA can always visit our event for free with 2 guests.
For more information, visit the page 'Patient information'.