Junior participation

The Junior Swim is specially designed for swimmers between the ages of 10 and 14. You will swim a distance of 700 meters through the Amsterdam canals. You're not doing this alone; you swim together with your father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, older brother, sister, or another adult supervisor.

What does participation entail?

  • Together with all the other juniors (and supervisors), you swim 700 meters through the historic Amsterdam canals.
  • By participating, you ask friends and family to sponsor you, thereby raising a significant amount of donation money for the ALS Foundation. We expect a minimum of €250,- per junior participant, because if everyone raises at least such a significant amount, we can make a real big difference.
  • New this year is that time is also measured/tracked at the Junior (and Short) Swim. In addition to an ACS swimming cap, towel, and medal, you will also receive a time tag. You will receive these items during registration on Sunday, September 8.
  • It is mandatory for every junior to swim with a swim buoy, which you can purchase yourself or borrow from us.
  • We end the day together during the big afterparty at the ACS Festival site.

Extra information for registration

  • Registering as a junior costs € 67.50 including VAT. This includes one adult supervisor.
  • When registering, you fill in the details of the junior, possibly with the email address and phone number of the parent.
  • In August, we ask you to let us know who your supervisor is, so we can make sure that an access ticket is prepared for him or her and the swimming necessities are ready.
  • You will also receive your final start time in August; you can expect to start around 10:30 AM.
  • The 'Swimmers Area' is open from 9:00 AM. Here you will find the registration, changing rooms, etc.
  • As a junior, you can be part of a team where people also participate in the Short or Classic Swim. We ensure that all team members who have chosen the Junior Swim start at the same time. If you want to swim with a friend, make sure to create a team.
  • If more people aged 15 or older want to swim with you at the Junior Swim, you can send us an email. We will then see what is possible so you can all start at the same time. They then opt for a Short Swim ticket.
  • If you are an ambitious competitive swimmer under the age of 15 and want to participate in the 2.1 km, or if you are under the age of 10, send us an email to discuss.

Whether you are an experienced participant or joining for the first time, please read the following information carefully before you register:

5 steps to the start