Participation opportunities

Would you like to get involved to fight against the muscle disease ALS? Then swim with us during the Amsterdam City Swim on Sunday 3rd September. Together with 3,000 other swimmers we will swim through our beautiful capital city along courses of 700 meters or 2 kilometres to raise as much money as possible for the ALS Foundation. The muscle disease ALS is irreversible and more scientific research into this deadly disease is sorely needed. So, join in and make your contribution to the fight against ALS!

How you can participate?

The Amsterdam City Swim is for everyone who wants to support the ALS Foundation. Maybe you’re participating in memory of a loved one, or to make new memories. You could be swimming because you want to set a record time, or to experience swimming through the canals of Amsterdam! It doesn't matter! Whatever your reason to swim, everyone is welcome from 10 years of age.

1. Individual participation

Swimming along with an individual participation can be done for yourself as an individual participant, or you can create a team to raise donations together and then jump into the water with your group of friends, family, colleagues, or other loved ones.

▸ Are you 15 years or older?

You can choose between 2 distances:

Classic Swim: 2.1 kilometres

Short Swim: 700 metres (new!)

▸ Are you between 10 and 14 years of age during the event?

You can get involved with the Junior Swim! You will swim a 700 metre course through the canals. And you won't do it alone: your father, mother, big brother or sister, or someone else who is over 18 years old will swim with you.


2. Corporate participation

Would you like to join in the Amsterdam City Swim with your colleagues or business associates? As a company, you have several options to participate in the Amsterdam City Swim.

▸ Corporate Teams

Would you like to participate as an (SME) company and receive an invoice for your participation? Then register as a Corporate Team. You can create a corporate team and choose the number of participant tickets yourself. You will receive an invoice and then you can invite your employees, friends, customers, or suppliers to become part of your team.

As a Corporate Team, you have the choice of swimming the Classic Swim (2.1 kilometres) or the Short Swim (700 metres).


▸ Wave sponsor: from 10 swimmers onwards

Do you want to go big with more visibility and more benefits for your company? Then choose to become a Wave sponsor.


3. Participate as an ALS patient

The Amsterdam City Swim is committed to raising as much money as possible for the ALS Foundation. But this is also a day for us to take the opportunity to make new memories together. That is why we make this day extra special for ALS patients and their loved ones. ALS patients can visit the event and possibly enter the water, with or without aids.


4. Volunteer

Would you also like to do your part? But you would rather be on the quay than in the water? Then you can make a difference and sign up as a volunteer for the Amsterdam City Swim. There are many different positions available. For example, you can choose to be a finish supervisor, a runner or supervisor near the water. There are also positions in hospitality and at the first aid post. You can also create an action page to collect donations for ALS.


5. Visitor

You are also able to attend ACS 2023 as a visitor. Cheer on to encourage your friends and family and contribute to the amazing atmosphere of the event. An entry ticket gives you access to the Marineterrein where the swimmers finish and where the after-party takes place. Visitor tickets will go on sale after the swim tickets. To stay up to date, keep an eye on our website or social media channels.