The board of the Amsterdam City Swim consists of a number of friends who decided to dedicate themselves to the Dutch ALS Foundation via the Amsterdam City Swim.

Bente Feldberg

Chairman of Stichting Amsterdam City Swim and board member Stichting Amsterdam City Swim since 2015
Daily life: Business Developer at ABN AMRO in Amsterdam Pensions

Why Amsterdam City Swim?
It is an event where the disease gets ALS important role it deserves. The unreal idea to swim in the canals was actually made in 2012. The first time I touched has participated me in many ways with the City Swim and I am very proud that I can be part of this. I am now four swims beyond, including New York. I know where I do it for, for ALS should be past!

Pim Bedet

Board Member and Secretary of the Foundation Amsterdam City Swim and one of the fourteen Founding Fathers.
Daily life:
62 years, married to Beatrice and father of two sons of 22 and 24 yr.

After almost 40 years working in the Royal Navy where I almost realized all my dreams, I’m a part-time after my superannuation by October 2009 to work as a consultant and as a Personal Coach (freelancer). Sport is one of the common threads in my life. My weekly swim hours are almost sacred to me.

Why Amsterdam City Swim: My commitment to ALS started in the spring of 2011 with a group of 14 friends. With that group we have participated in August 2011 to the Swim Hellespont and 90,000 Euros raised for ALS. The Amsterdam City Swim serves as a motor for raising awareness of ALS and raising money for ALS Foundation Netherlands. My motivation is to place the challenge of something new together working for a good cause ALS. Years ago, a good friend of mine AS deceased to. That motivates me extra. For me it is something different: in the water instead of looking out from the bridge of a ship on the sea!

Mikkel Hofstee

Board member Stichting Amsterdam City Swim, general affairs and one of the fourteen Founding Fathers.
Daily life:
Director / Founder LifeGuard Health & Performance

Why Amsterdam City Swim?
With the Amsterdam City Swim we give attention to ALS and open water swimming a boost!

Diederik den Dekker

Board member and treasurer Amsterdam City Swim since 2016
Daily life:
Senior Associate Varova Investments

Why Amsterdam City Swim?
I am deeply impressed by the group of people who made this idea a huge success. Driven by the passion to cure ALS and eventually wipe out. It's a great honor to contribute to the upcoming swims!

Joost 't Hooft

Committee member of the Amsterdam City Swim foundation since September 2016
Daily job:
Business Development at 2theloo

Why the Amsterdam City Swim?
Since my good friend Weert-Jan Weerts got ALS I felt very involved in this terrible disease. In the
last couple of years multiple fantastic initiatives were developed, with the Amsterdam City Swim as
an absolute peak. A spectacular event where sport, friendship, sociability and a fantastic charity. It
is a great honor for me to join the committee of the Amsterdam City Swim after multiple years of
swimming as a participant in Amsterdam and New York. We will engage together to stop this

William van Eesteren

Committee member of the Amsterdam City Swim foundation since September 2016
Daily job: Managing Director Wiltshire Associates

Why the Amsterdam City Swim?
For me the Amsterdam City Swim is one of the most positive events to contribute in the fight
against ALS.

Daniella Coronel

Committee member of the Amsterdam City Swim sindce March 2017.
Daily Job:
Account Director at Fuse Communication

Why the Amsterdam City Swim?
Since the first edition of the Amsterdam City Swim I was very impressed by this unique event in the canals of Amsterdam. I decided to participate in 2013, when my uncle was diagnosed. Now I’ve participated three times and the last edition even with 16 family members. I’m honored to be a part of this board and be able to contribute this way. 

Oud bestuurslid: Joris de Haas

Former Board member / treasurer of the Stichting Amsterdam City Swim and one of the fourteen Founding Fathers.
Daily life:
Married to Helen and father of Charlotte, Roos and Wies;

Why Amsterdam City Swim? 
As a wonderful sport: swimming, coupled with a unique place in the world: Help the canals and is focused on the world of the terrible disease ALS. organize this annual event with friends is worth more than worth it.

Oud bestuurslid: Marc ter Haar

Former boardmember of Stichting Amsterdam City Swim and one of the fourteen Founding Fathers.
Daily life:
Market Strategy Director, Ernst & Young

Why Amsterdam City Swim:
On September 9, 2012 we organized the first edition of the Amsterdam City Swim, we did this to raise awareness and raise funds for research into the causes of ALS. The ACS was started because one of our friends, Weert Jan Weerts AS was and is now deceased. Three editions further we seem succeeded in both goals but there is still little known about the causes of ALS and therefore we will continue our struggle, now not only in Amsterdam but in 2015 also in New York. Seven City Swims in appealing cities in the world is our dream and I see it as a challenge here to deliver my speech, I also get to combine energy from the organization of the ACS with my daily work! Weert Jan is unfortunately deceased in December 2013, but the struggle continues!

Oud bestuurslid: Richard Wentges

Richard Wenges, former board member

Richard stepped down in 2014 after three inspiring years in the board of the Amsterdam City Swim. In 2016 he was one of the founders of the Amsterdam Late Night City Swim and this way he still contributes to the success.

Oud bestuurslid: Renee Sajet

Renee Sajet, former board member

Renee played a big part concerning sponsoring and relation management in the first years of the Amsterdam City Swim. After three years she decided to choose a different foundation. However, Renee is still involved and helps the organization in any way she can. 

Oud bestuurslid: Kiki Hulshof- Overtoom

Kiki Hulshof-Overtoom, former board member

Dialy life: Researcher – development department Rijksmuseum

The Amsterdam City Swim is a unique event because of the swimming in the Amsterdam canals for ALS. With a relative small amount of people we can make a difference in the battle against this horrible disease. I love to contribute to this!