House of Sports

House of Sports was approached by the Amsterdam City Swim foundation in December of 2011 to work together on planning and organizing this event. With the passion of each of the 14 founding fathers, their loyalty towards their mutual friend Weert Jan Weerts (whom passed away in December 2013) and the ambition to raise money for ALS, it was an effortless decision for House of Sports to say yes to this proposition.

We gathered a team and organized the first edition of the Amsterdam City Swim, which took place on September 9th, 2012. This year, like any other year, we will work with the same passion and enthusiasm in order to make it a success. Our goal is to raise more donation money for ALS than in previous years!


  • Kristel Strikkers: General event manager
  • Jasper Hunting: Sponsoring
  • Koen Hermens: Sponsoring & strategy
  • Michelle Geldhof: Hospitality & Amsterdam City Swim for Kids
  • Wilma Koot: Logistics & Communications
  • Ellis van den Reek: Communications

House of Sports is a full service sports marketing agency. For more information visit: