I made ​​a donation, but it does not appear at the personal page of the participant. Have I done something wrong?

If the donation has not yet appeared on the participants page , this is usually by one of the following reasons ;

  • You have made the donation  ​​via direct debit . Processing a debit takes on average 10 days. Once the donation is received by us , it will automatically appear at our site !
  • The donation is accidentally ended up on the ” general donation counter . Send us an email via info@amsterdamcityswim.nl with the donation confirmation and the name of the subscriber for whom the gift was intended. We will put your donation through to the right page!
  • There was an error in your payment. Please check whether the donation is debited of your account. If so, please send us a print screen of the payment-confirmation so we can put the donation live at the website.
  • If the above reasons do not apply , please contact us via info@amsterdamcityswim.nl or via 020-496 91 72. We are happy to help !