The Amsterdam City Swim is open to everyone!

Along the entire route public can encourage swimmers.

Only the starting area (Marine Etablissement Amsterdam) require tickets. For the finish location, there are specific arrangements available that offer a unique view and full catering, but public can also freely accessible watching from the quay (Keizersgracht same side house numbers) (look for the various arrangements in the shop).

Music along the course

At the Jonas Daniel Meyer Square is a DJ that will keep swimmers and public enjoying themselves and there  are also sporting beats on the dock for the Hermitage to give the swimmers a final boost to the finish.

At the finish line at the Keizersgracht our media partner Radio Veronica will produce live radio.


The finish takes place on the Keizersgracht crossing Reguliersgracht. From the bridge Reguliersgracht you will have a limited view of the incoming swimmers in relation to the participants zone and the finish gantry. For the swimmers we organise a quick passage to the buses at the Vijzelstraat (which bring them to the start area again), to ensure the passage Reguliersgracht / Keizersgracht will be closed on the odd side.

Public that wants from the Herengracht to the Prinsengracht, requested to walk around through the Utrechtsestraat.

Cruising Traffic

The entire route of the Amsterdam City Swim is completely sealed from boating traffic. It is also not possible to construct with a boat on the trail. This is in connection with the safety of the swimmers. Keizersgracht will be completely closed from Thursday, August 31th for all the boating traffic associated with the construction of the finish construction.