Good to know

Good to know!

  • Every participant receives a bathing cap and a time registration chip. You are obligatory to wear both. Without an official bathing cap or time registration chip you are not allowed to start, because of the safety precaution.
  • Every participant has to be able to identify him- or herself at the Marine Etablissement Amsterdam with a legit identity card. We are at territory of defense.
  • Before the event, we ask all participants to sign a statement of health and a statement of accountability which confirms the deductible excess of the participant.
  • Every participant has an obligation to raise a minimum of €400,- of donation money for the Dutch ALS Foundation via his or her personal page on A child will raise a minimum of €100,-.
  • The organization will let all the participants know, one forehand, at what time his or her wave starts. This way the queue at the registration desk will be minimalized.
  • Parking at the Marine Etablissement Amsterdam is not possible. We recommend all participants to come by Public Traffic, by bike of by foot. Parking spots are available at local parking garages. Business teams will receive exit cards for near parking garages.  This information will be provided together with the start tickets.
  • The organization of the Amsterdam City Swim strongly recommend all participants to train a few times in a wetsuit or shorty. A wetsuit (or shorty) advances the ability to float and provides extra warmth.
  • All information provided above is applicable for the Amsterdam City Swim for Kids as well (side event in the morning of the 3th of September)