The registration for the Amsterdam City Swim starts on the 7th of March

The Amsterdam City Swim offers three types of swim tickets: individual tickets, business team tickets and kids tickets. In the morning on the day of the ACS there will be a Kids Swim where kids will swim the last 700 meters of the official swim route under guidance of a supervisor.

Why do we organize this event? Donations. 

On September 3, 2017 we will jump in for ALS. We will swim 2 KM through the Amterdam Canals (in case of the ACS for Kids only 700 meters) with the goal to raise as many funds for the ALS Foundation in the Netherlands.

For participants of the Amsterdam City Swim there is a minimum donation requirement of €400 per person. For participants of the Amsterdam City Swim for Kids this minimum donation requirement is €100 per child. All donations must be collected by September 30, 2017.