Patient information

The Amsterdam City Swim dedicates itself to raising as much money as possible for the Dutch ALS Foundation. But this is also a day where we can make new memories together and enjoy each other's company. People with ALS/PSMA/PLS are the real VIPs (Very Important Patients) of this event.

For them and their loved ones, we want to make this day extra special. Therefore, the Amsterdam City Swim offers patients the opportunity to be present in various ways on Sunday 8 September 2024 you can join us:

1. As a visitor along the quay and at the Marineterrein

2. In the water with or without assistance and aids

Option 1: As a visitor along the quay and at the Marineterrein

Are you coming to support your team, or do you want to experience a special day with your family or friends? We would like to invite you and two guests to be present during the Amsterdam City Swim 2024. Register yourself and your guests in advance:

In Dutch only: Aanmelden
Please for English: send us an e-mail.

Option 2: Join us in the water

It is also possible for participants to enter the water. You can choose to participate in the Classic Swim (2.1 km) or the Short Swim (700 meters).

Can't swim independently (anymore)? Then it is possible to 'swim along' in a special dry suit or to 'float along'.  The aim is to guide everyone to the finish as safely and smoothly as possible so together, we can see what is needed to make this happen. Would you like to participate swimming? Then we ask you to go through the following points:

  1. Every situation is unique. Therefore, we ask you to first consult a medical specialist, for example your rehabilitation doctor, about your possible participation and discuss possible limitations and risks with your medical professional.
  2. Would you like to discuss what aids are available with someone? Then you should contact the ALS op de weg Foundation. They specialise in providing aids for ALS/PSMA/PLS patients and have been involved in the Amsterdam City Swim for many years.
  3. The starting pontoon on the Keizersgracht canal is wheelchair-friendly and accessible by ramp. Aids and wheelchairs are brought back to the finish line so that they are ready when you get out of the water. There is also a shuttle service available.
  4. Lifeguards will ensure the safety of all participants and help patients in the water.


We ask you to enter the water with at least two companions to support you. They may also swim along for free.

Would you like to join us?

Register yourself and your guests in advance using the button below. We will then send you all the information you need, including the discount codes (for you and your companions), to register as a free swimmer. You can register to swim with us until 1st August 2024.

In Dutch (only): Aanmelden
Please for English: send us an e-mail.

Facilities on the Event Site

Every year, we are delighted to welcome many people with ALS/PSMA/PLS. This year, we have expanded the event site to provide more space for swimmers and visitors.

  • There is ample opportunity to park or be dropped off at the event site. In the week before, you will receive access tickets and a parking card from us.
  • There are accessible toilet facilities available near the tent, changing rooms, start, and finish. A passive lift is available.
  • There is an opportunity to sit quietly, away from amplified sound.
  • Access to the finish pontoon is available to see all swimmers finish.
  • A shuttle service is available to the start (Keizersgracht) and back to the event site. If you use special transport (for example, if you are in an electric wheelchair), we can give you a dispensation for parking on Keizersgracht.
  • The (walking) distance from the start to the finish (Marine Terrain) is 2.5 kilometers and requires approximately 30-60 minutes of walking time (depending on the event's congestion).
  • First aiders, doctors, and nurses specialized in ALS, PLS, or PSMA are present.
  • Includes a consumption credit for food and drink. If you have special requests for this, we ask you to let us know via the registration form.
  • We do everything to make the entire site as wheelchair-friendly as possible. If you have specific wishes, we would like to hear them so we can accommodate them.

Costs and Registration
For ALS/PSMA/PLS patients, there are no costs associated with attending as a visitor or swimming. Two guests or supervisors can also attend or swim for free. To register, please fill out this form so we can prepare the entrance tickets for you and your guests. If you are unsure whether your health will allow you to be there on Sunday, September 8, we still ask you to register so that we can ensure you receive an e-ticket the week before. You will need this to gain access to the site. If you cannot come, that is no problem.

Want to know more?
Would you like to participate in the Amsterdam City Swim but have questions beforehand? Nathalie and Juliette from Patient Contact at the Dutch ALS Foundation are happy to help.