Splash in style: the ultimate swimwear guide for the Amsterdam City Swim

26 Jun 2023 12.21

A wetsuit, a trisuit or just loose pants? If you do some research on the Internet, all sorts of things come up! But what is the ideal clothing to wear when you jump into the open water? In this blog we give you tips to prevent clothing stress during the Amsterdam City Swim!

Make sure it fits well!

Usually, it's not the first thing in your closet, the ball gown or a tight-fitting swimsuit. But, for during a Swim this is definitely recommended. The difference between a wide swimsuit, which holds back a lot of water, or a tight-fitting one is extreme. Thinking back to diploma swimming, where you prefer to put leggings on your children, it is now definitely advisable to go for a tight swimsuit or a figure-hugging suit.

To wear or not to wear a wetsuit?

The choice of whether or not to wear a wetsuit really depends on the temperature. When the temperature is below eighteen degrees, it is mandatory to wear a wetsuit. On the contrary, above a temperature of twenty-two degrees, it is not recommended. Therefore, it is important to both train and be prepared with and without a wetsuit.

It is often nice for beginning swimmers to swim with wetsuit though, it gives you just a little extra buoyancy which makes it feel easier to swim breaststroke. If you choose to swim breaststroke, however, it is important to practice this with your wetsuit beforehand. This may actually feel more complicated because you are in the water in a different way!

Wetsuit, sail suit, surf suit....

If you decide to go for a wetsuit, make sure you choose one that is suitable for swimming! A wetsuit that you can swim in is often flexible at the shoulders, making it easier to do a breast crawl. A surf suit has extra knee pads and is firm at the shoulders which makes it extra hard to get your arms across the water. A surf or sail suit certainly provides extra warmth, but it's not going to help you get through the water any easier!

Wetsuit rental?

Would you like to rent a wetsuit? Especially for the Amsterdam City Swim, Dare2Tri offers the possibility to rent a combi suit: you can use it for both breaststroke and chest crawl.

Wetsuit rental?