Wave Heroes Wanted

On Sunday, September 8th, 2024, we will dive into the Amsterdam canals to raise as much money as possible for the ALS Foundation. We also aim to bring as much attention as possible to ALS and let the people fighting this terrible disease, along with their loved ones, experience a special day.

With that thought in mind, we launched the Wave Hero campaign in 2022, which continued into 2023. And now, it's happening again in 2024!

Each wave (the shifts in which swimmers start) symbolizes one or more people fighting against ALS, PLS, or PSMA.
That's why we are looking for Wave Heroes!

  • Do you want to sign up?
  • Do you want to highlight a loved one fighting against ALS, PLS, or PSMA by dedicating a wave to them?
  • Do you want to honor someone who has unfortunately lost their battle by nominating them as a Wave Hero?

Sign-up Wave Hero

The registration form is available in Dutch only. For English, please send an email to info@amsterdamcityswim.nl

Good to know

  • The Wave Heroes will become the 'face' of the waves of the Amsterdam City Swim 2024. They will, for example, be visible at the start and finish and on the event site at the Wave Hero Wall, and in the run-up to the event on social media and our website. It's also possible to play a role during the event (think of hanging medals, being present at the start shot, etc.)
  • Been a Wave Hero in 2022 or 2023? Then you can be a Wave Hero again this year or nominate someone for it. This is possible until August 10th.
  • When signing up your Wave Hero, we ask you to send a photo. This can be a current photo, but also from the past. A photo with other people in it or just by themselves. It's important that all people in the photo have given their permission for publication so that we can use the photo without any copyright issues.