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Amsterdam City Swim 

Every year, at the end of the summer, we jump into the Amsterdam canals with one common goal: a quest to create a world without ALS. Together with 3000 other swimmers we will swim through our beautiful capital city in order to raise money for Stichting ALS Nederland (the Dutch ALS foundation). The motor neuron disease ALS is an irreversible degenerative disease and continuous scientific research into a cure is still very much needed. So swim along and contribute in a unique way to the fight against the deathly disease ALS! 


What is Amsterdam City Swim?  

Amsterdam City Swim is a swimming event where we raise money to help fund the research into treatments for this debilitating disease. It is a unique and social swimming event where we swim across our historic capital. Everyone including juniors, adults, companies and patients are all welcome to participate. In 2011 fourteen friends started a fundraiser for ALS, the disease that their friend Weert-Jan Weerts was suffering from. With the success of that first fundraiser, they decided to expand the campaign. Today, the Amsterdam City Swim is an annual event in which thousands of people participate. The foundation wants to raise as much money as possible for ALS research. For as long as there is no cure for ALS, Amsterdam City Swim will continue to be an annual event to raise money for the disease and empower ALS patients to live their lives to the fullest.  



Possibilities in attending the event 

Amsterdam City Swim is for everybody who want to help Stichting ALS and who love swimming. Whether you want to compete and set a record time, or to experience swimming through the canals, or to generate awareness for the illness, we invite you to join us.


If you are between 10 and 14 years old, you can swim along as a junior participant. Together with all the other juniors you swim a parcours of 700 meters through the canals. And you do not do this alone: your father, mother, uncle, big brother or anyone else who is 18 years or older will swim with you. You can even register a team if you like to collect money together with other friends. 


Those 15 years or older will swim a distance of 2 kilometers through the canals. You can attend the event alone, with friends and family, or register as a team to generate donations collectively instead of as an individual person.

Business-Swim or Wave-sponsorship 

Would you like to attend the event together with your colleagues or business partners? Then you can participate as a company. You can register for the Business-Swim or as a Wave-Sponsor. For both options there are several packages available. 


Would you also like to contribute to the Amsterdam City Swim but in alternative ways rather than swimming? Then make a difference by signing up as a volunteer! There are several positions available for you to shine in. 



Programme and route 

More information and details about the day and route will be posted when known. During the event, over 3000 participants will jump into the canal for ALS. As is the tradition, the award ceremony and the cheque handover will take place at the Marine Etablissement Amsterdam after the event. We will then raise our glasses to all the loved ones to whom we dedicate the Amsterdam City Swim. All participants and supporters can enjoy snacks and drinks throughout the day.


Make a donation 

Would you like to sponsor a swimmer or team? Or would you like to give a general donation? You can find the English User Guides below. 100% of all the funds raised goes to research to find a cure for ALS and to improve the quality of life for ALS patients. You can make a donation for this edition til the end of September.

Donate here

You can download an English user guide at the bottom of this page.


Together with Waternet, every care is taken to monitor the water conditions and development, and to keep out participants informed. We use the expertise of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, supervising authorities, input from Waternet, police and water police and fire brigade, Municipal Health Services, and doctors to improve our protocol every year.

Swimming in open water is never entirely without risk. Unlike water in swimming pools, other conditions can such as cold water temperature, local pollution, underwater obstacles, thunderstorms, etc. may occur. The concentration of bacteria and other micro organisms in canal water can also be higher which increases the risk of infections in the gastrointestinal system, eyes, ears, and skin, especially if you have open wounds. 


During the Amsterdam City Swim, the safety of swimmers is guaranteed by Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution lifeguards in the water and supervisors on the quay. A first-aid station and a resting point on the water are stationed at every 500 meters. 


If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail to info@amsterdamcityswim.nl

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