Corporate-Team Participation

Corporate participation is for any (SME) company wishing to participate in Amsterdam City Swim on Sunday 3rd September 2023 together with colleagues or business partners.

The Corporate team package consists of:

  • Your own team page with logo entry.
  • Free swimming cap, time tracker and a towel.
  • You get 3 refreshments to spend on food or drinks at the event site and water and fruit on the course.
  • Access to the vibrant after-party at the Marineterrein.
  • 1 free participation in the ACS training evening session.
    • Training in Amsterdam on Mondays 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th August 2023.
    • Additional training is possible for € 10 per training evening session.
  • You will receive an invoice which you can deduct from your taxes.
  • The registration fee covers the facilities at the event. As a corporate team, you contribute to this great event.
  • We ask every swimmer to raise a minimum amount of € 250 in donation money. As a corporate team, it is also possible to make this a team effort.

The cost for this package is € 275 per person (excluding VAT).

You can enter the desired number of participants when registering.


Extension package

You can extend the Corporate Team package with:

  • An orange ALS bathrobe that will be waiting for you at the finish
  • You will receive an ACS t-shirt

The cost of this package is € 310 per person (excluding VAT).

Would you like to swim with more people or be more visible with your company?

Then become a Wave Sponsor (10 participants or more). You will find more information on the Sponsoring page.

Wave selection

The schedule below gives an indication of the starting time for each wave. Please note: in August you will receive the definitive starting time, which may differ slightly from the schedule below.


  • Short Swim | Wave A
  • Short Swim | Wave B
  • Classic Swim | Wave 1 | Sneller dan 30min
  • Classic swim | wave 2 | sportief
  • Classic Swim | Wave 3 | sportief
  • Classic Swim | Wave 4 | sportief
  • Classic Swim | Wave 5
  • Classic Swim | Wave 6
  • Classic Swim | Wave 14
  • Classic Swim | Wave 15
  • Classic Swim | Wave 17
  • Classic Swim | Wave 18
  • Classic Swim | Wave 19
  • Classic Swim | Wave 20