Every year, the Amsterdam City Swim organises a unique and meaningful swimming event in Amsterdam's canals to raise as much money as possible for the ALS Foundation. With these funds, the ALS Foundation can fund scientific research into ALS and improve the quality of life of these patients. For as long as there is no cure for ALS, the donations are desperately needed.

The organisation of Amsterdam City Swim relies on the Board and many cooperation partners.

The Board

The Amsterdam City Swim Board was formed by several friends who decided together to dedicate themselves to the ALS Foundation the Netherlands through the Amsterdam City Swim. Meanwhile, a group of new committed Board members have emerged who are equally passionate in their commitment to fighting ALS.

Meet the Board:

D&B Event marketing

Since 2020, D&B Event marketing has been involved in the organisation and production of the Amsterdam City Swim. D&B Event marketing is an event marketing agency that believes the best way you can bring people and brands closer together is through sharing unique experiences. This is why they create events that connect people to create positive change. These are events that matter and turn customers, associates or employees into fans. D&B Event marketing is proud to be involved in the fight against ALS.