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Amsterdam City Swim for Kids

On September 3rd we organize, prior to the Amsterdam City Swim, the 4th edition of the Amsterdam City Swim for Kids.

During this side event kids with the age between 10 and 14 years will swim the last 700 meters of the trail. All kids are accompanied by an adult from the Hermitage. From this point they will swim under the ‘Magere brug’ and back to the Keizersgracht. The kids will finish (with their mentors) at the official finish of the Amsterdam City Swim. There they will be honoured and receive a medal, can have a quick shower, receive a bathrobe, slippers and a few bites for recovery.

  • Start per wave
  • Start package
  • Program
  • Fan and finish arrangements
  • Personal donation video
  • Amsterdam City Swim application
  • Parking
  • Registration
  • Conditions
  • ALS Foundation

Start per wave
Make sure that you’re present at the start area 10 minutes before the start. Every 10 seconds the jury will blow a wistle as a signal that the following duo can jump in the water.

Kidswave 1: 10.00 uur

Kidswave 2: 10.15 uur

Kidswave 3: 10.30 uur

Kidswave 4: 10.45 uur

Kidswave 5: 11.00 uur

Kidswave 6: 11.15 uur

Pick up your start package
Your start package contains:

  • Swimcap with time registration (obligated to wear, you’re not allowed to bring your own swimcap)
  • Luggage label
    You can find your luggage label in your start package which is linked to your start number. Please attach the label to your luggage and hand in your luggage at the wardrobe bus that belongs to your start number. From here the buses will go to the finish.

Be aware: make sure that you also hand in the bag of your mentor. It’s important that you hand in your luggage in the right bus, so that you can pick it up at the finish. All kids and mentors are allowed to hand in one bag.

  • Information flyer

All participants will hand in a signed indemnification- and health statement. At the registration, the organization will write your start- and wave number on your hand with a waterproof marker.


09:00 – 10:30 uur       
Welcome and registration
09:30 uur                    Official opening in the big hall of the Hermitage
10:00 uur                    Start kidswave 1 (Hermitage)
10:10 uur                    First participants finish at the Keizersgracht

At the finish you will receive a medal, you will walk through the shower street, you’ll get a bathrobe, slippers, towel, a drink and banana for recovery. You will also receive your ACS goodybag.

11:30 uur                  Award ceremony at the Keizersgracht     
13.00 uur                  Start prominent- and competition wave Amsterdam City Swim (MEA). 

In our webshop you can order a fan arrangement which gives you permission to enter the start area of the Amsterdam City Swim, including the afterparty and cheque presentation.

For the mentors:
Are you an accompanying adult? We will make sure a shuttlebus is ready to take you to the start at the MEA on time, so that you can start in the Amsterdam City Swim.

Fan en finish arrangementen
Are you and your mentor joining our afterparty at the Marineterrein? We have special fan- and finish arrangements available in our webshop. Make sure that you order these arrangements on time and let your fans be a part of your unforgettable start or finish. More information about the arrangements you can find in our webshop.

Personal donation video
Supporter van Sport has developped a nice tool to create your own donation video for #ACS2017. Go to this page and make your own video here.

Amsterdam City Swim application
In the week of the 21st of August you are able to download the official Amsterdam City Swim app. Here you can find all information about #ACS2017 and you can follow a participant using a track & trace system. As soon as the app is available, we will let you know on this page.

(When you’re not going to the MEA)
There are no parkingspots available on the trail. If you are coming by car, we would like you to redirect to the following garages, which are on a walking distance from the Hermitage:


(If you’re going tot he MEA afterwards, kids and mentors are able to buy a fan arrangement)
You can park at the Oosterdok for €12,- http://www.parkingcentrumoosterdok.nl/
A shuttlebus will bring you to the following places:
From 08:00 – 10:00:              Oosterdok – Hermitage
From 11:00 uur:                     Finish (Vijzelstraat) – MEA
In the afternoon:                     MEA – Oosterdok

Public transport
You can take the Metro 51, 53 of 54 to stop Waterloopplein. From there it’s a 4-minute-walk to the Hermitage Amsterdam.

NS offer: travel together by train
Travel together with your friend or partner to the Amsterdam City Swim using the cheap ‘Evenementenretour’. Two persons can travel a whole day for €19,90, valid on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 o’clock. That’s only €9,95 per person. You can buy the ‘Evenementenretour’ easily here.

Travel well-prepared by checking the NS Reisplanner or NS Xtra app 10 days before your departure.

You are able to park your bike around the Hermitage, there is enough space.

The price for participating in the Amsterdam City Swim for Kids is €65,- (incl. VAT) which includes a child and a mentor (18+). 300 kids are able to participate in the side event. Would you like to join the afterparty at the MEA? You can order a fan arrangement in our webshop.

A child is between 10 and 14 years old and has to have swimming diploma’s A and B (demonstrable) and is in good health. We recommend every participant to wear a wetsuit or shorty. Every participant is accompanied by a mentor. If the mentor is not the parent of the child, the parents need to sign a power of attorney on the indemnification- and health statement.

Dutch ALS Foundation
The Amsterdam City Swim for Kids is also raising money for ALS. Every participant gets his of her personal donationpage and strives to raise a minimum of €100,-. (This is not applicable for mentors).

Last, but not least
The fire brigade will be at the Marine Etablissement Amsterdam. It could be possible that the brigade has to pull out, don’t be scared. There is a route for calamities and our traffic guardians and security is aware.

We look forward welcoming you at the 6st edition of the Amsterdam City Swim on September 3rd. Do you have any questions? First have a look at our FAQ’s on our website. Is your question not there? Please send an e-mail to info@amsterdamcityswim.nl.