Wave Heroes 2023

On Sunday 3 September, we will jump into Amsterdam's canals to raise as much money as possible for the ALS Foundation. We also want to draw as much attention as possible to the ALS disease and let people fighting this terrible disease experience a special day together with their loved one. As the foundation itself says, there is #timetolose to make great memories!

In 2022, we launched Wave Heroes: we put people with ALS/PSMA/PLS in the spotlight by dedicating waves to them. This was a great success, which is why we will also look for Wave Heroes in 2023. As we want to put as many people in the spotlight as possible, we have chosen not to link the waves specifically to one person.

Would you like to put your loved one fighting ALS in the spotlight by nominating him or her as a Wave Hero? Let us know and share your story!

Signing up as an ACS Wave Hero?

We would like to receive the following input:
Who would you like to nominate?
What is your relationship with him or her?
What is your story?
Is there already a team swimming during ACS for him or her this year? If yes, what is the name of the team?
Is the person himself or herself attending this edition of ACS?
A landscape photo of at least 1500x900 (see below for more information)
Contact details of you.

You can answer these questions via an online form.


Good to know:
The Wave Heroes will be the 'face' of the Amsterdam City Swim 2023.
When registering your Wave Hero, we would like to ask you to send a photo of him or her. This can be a photo from now, but also from the past. A photo with other people on it or alone. It is important that all the people in the photo have given their approval for publication, so that we can use the photo royalty-free. Of course, this is always done in consultation.
In the follow-up process, we will contact you to discuss how we can best tell your story. This could be in the run-up to the event (think of an interview, video, social media post or photo report) or during the event (think of a role at the finish, meet & greet with swimmers, etc.).